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Pacara Boza label design and content updated
April 8, 2011

Since spring 2011 our labels feature a new updated design and content. The new labels come in 2 sizes - for the 1,5 l and the 0,5 l bottles. In addition to Albanian, both labels now also display information in English. The new design is compatible with the PacaraBoza corporate identity. Barcodes have been added to the labels to facilitate boza sales by retailers.

Take a look at the new labels here:

Pacara Boza 1,5 l Pacara Boza 0,5 l

Pasteurized boza now available from Pacara Boza
February 13, 2010

Since the installment of a new production line in the summer of 2009, Pacara Boza has started to produce pasteurized boza with a shelf life of 3, 6, and 12 months upon request, in addition to our regular unpasteurized boza. The pasteurized boza does not ferment, even if kept at room temperature, thus being suitable for transport over long distances and longer storage. The pasteurized boza should be shaken well before consumption and not kept in direct sunlight.

Pacara Boza will soon start offering our products in new bottles of different shape. In addition, new labels are being prepared for the boza bottles, which will contain nutritional information about the product.

Pacara Boza to upgrade its production facilities
April 9, 2009

Starting from spring 2009, Pacara Boza is in the process of expanding and modernizing its production facilities and machinery. We are relocating to larger premises and acquiring a set of new machinery which will automate our production process to a great extent. The new machinery is expected to be set up and be fully functional by the end of May, 2009.

Along with upgrading the machinery, we are updating the look of our product - the label of our boza bottles will be redesigned and information about the ingredients of the drink will be added. As an additional element to the label, we will introduce the barcode which was recently issued to our product.

We are expecting to double our current production capacity and will therefore be able to expand our range of distribution both in Albania as well as abroad. We aim to expand our sales of boza to Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro and eventually to the entire Balkan region.