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About Us

The Master of boza production in the Pacara Boza Enterprise is Mr. Shyqyri Pacara, who has been producing boza for 32 years. He completed a two-year patisserie school in Tirana in 1975, after which he started working in the sweets factory of Kukes, in northeastern Albania. In 1980, he took part in a competition held by the Ministry of Trade of the Socialist Republic of Albania, where the best boza recipe of Albania was chosen. Mr. Pacara's traditional Kukes recipe won the competition, becoming the national recipe of Albania. In 1991, he left the state sweet factory in Kukes and opened his own private business in the same town. He moved to Tirana in 2003, where he established a small boza factory.

Pacara Boza: corn and wheat

Today, the Pacara Boza family business is selling boza mostly in Tirana and the surroundings. Our organic boza is produced and packaged in our production facilities and then distributed to grocery stores. We currently package boza in bottles of two sizes: 1,5 and 0,5 litres. Our boza consists of four ingredients: corn (maize) flour, wheat flour, sugar and water. We use organic ingredients and flour made from locally grown and genetically unmodified corn and wheat.

Partnership & investors
We are interested in expanding our business by finding co-operation partners and investors from the Balkans, the EU and other regions. If you are interested in co-operation, please contact us.